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All About KuCoin Shares (KCS) - Native Token of Kucoin ... Mar 06, 2018 · KuCoin Shares or KCS for short is the token issued by Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with total supply of 200 million. After buy-back disposal, it will be a constant – 100 million. At least 10% of the KuCoin’s net profit will be applied to the buy-back of KCS every quarter. The KCS retrieved through buy-back […]

29 Oct 2018 KuCoin Shares is a proprietary token for the KuCoin crypto asset exchange, it is only tradeable on the KuCoin platform. It can be traded for ETH  United States dollar to KuCoin Shares (USD to KCS). Quickly and easily calculate foreign exchange rates with this free currency converter. From. (Please   Kucoin Shares (KCS) token information and price tracker. The KCS coin price is 0.962 USD, total supply is 171850451. 151625 transactions and 60886 holders. KuCoin Shares (KCS) события, новости, дорожная карта, выпуск, обновление , форк, конференция, партнерство, airdrop Find kucoin shares stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new   Now we'll purchase the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, so that we can exchange it for KuCoin Shares (if you already own Ethereum you can skip ahead ).

Oct 29, 2018 · KuCoin Shares is a proprietary token for the KuCoin crypto asset exchange, it is only tradeable on the KuCoin platform. It can be traded for ETH, BTC, USDT, NEO, DRGN, LTC, and other popular crypto assets. The token rewards holders by paying them a portion of exchange fees.

KuCoin Shares: The Best Cryptocurrency Investment Right Now? Jan 13, 2018 · KuCoin Shares are one of the best cryptocurrency investments at the moment. KuCoin shares will earn you passive income. One of the biggest benefits of holding KuCoin shares is that you’re entitled to a portion of KuCoin’s profits. Currently, 50% of … KuCoin Shares - KCS price history, 1 day charts, Current ... KuCoin Shares price history, KCS 1 day chart with daily, weekly, monthly prices and market capitalizations KuCoin Shares (KCS) price, marketcap, chart, and info ...

KuCoin is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, and more.

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Dear KuCoin Users, As announced yesterday, on February 18, 2019, at approximately 08:00 AM (UTC+8), KuCoin will be performing a system upgrade for Platform 2.0.The upgrade process is expected to last around 14 hours. To ensure the smooth release of the upgrade, KuCoin will close the platform deposit and withdrawal services temporarily at 06:00 AM, Feb 18, 2019 (UTC+8). KuCoin Shares Price - Investing.com KuCoin Shares is a type of digital crypto currency, utilizing peer-to-peer transactions, mining and other technological feats into a modern day asset. What Is KCS? Introduction to KuCoin Shares ...

Kucoin Shares (KCS) is an exchange based token and native currency of the Kucoin crypto exchange. Holders of the token are able to reap the rewards from the success of the exchange as 50% of its overall trading fee revenue is shared with holders through the tokens.

Kucoin Review • The No Bullshit Guide (Updated 2020) Mar 17, 2020 · Start trading crypto on Kucoin now! Kucoin Shares (KCS – part one) Similar to Binance, Kucoin offers both a cryptocurrency exchange platform AND it’s own cryptocurrency. This means that if you use Kucoin (KCS) while trading on Kucoin, you won’t have to pay any trading fees. This is a win-win. KuCoin Shares Guide | What Is KCS Coin? KuCoin Shares (KCS) are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens that can be used exclusively on the KuCoin exchange. In total, 200,000,000 KCS were issued via a crowdsale, of which nearly 90,000,000 are in circulation. Every quarter, KuCoin uses 10% of its profits to buy-back and burn KCS tokens until there are only 100,000,000 of them left. KCS holders get the

17 Mar 2020 crypto exchange, derivatives arm KuMEX, mining-oriented division Pool-X as well as the ecosystem on its native token Kucoin Shares (KCS). KuCoin Shares (KCS) price, performance and general information. 24h. 7d. 14d. 30d. 60d. 1y. -0.82 %. -6.68 %. -21.93 %. -24.80 %. -18.00 %. -44.93 %.